Ascension of the chosen


First Session

Keora attempts to dig her way out of her shallow grave, using a conjured dire rat to tunnel toward the surface. Just as she is about to become unconscious from lack of air, she is rescued by a mysterious fighter who she later learns is named “Rodrick”.

Rodrick demands that she stay silent, due to the activity of the apparent farmers in the village, to which the graveyard they are in belongs.

In the village, Keora notices piles of bodies, and men dressed as farmers pulling more bodies from a cart, at which point they are summarily hacked to bits and strewn around the courtyard.

Forced to fight, for Rodrick’s lack of wings, she engages the four farmers, from atop a building. Putting half of them to sleep, and using midnight as a distraction, she and Rodrick quickly and easily defeat the group, leaving only one alive for questioning.

Shaken awake, the surviving farmer is put to the question by Keora, who uses her demonic persona to intimidate information about this grisly scene from the man. Intimidated he was, but rather than divulge answers he seemed to be taken entirely by fear, and his mind left him. Seeing no more use for him, Keora slit the man’s throat.

Despite the lack of answers, and perhaps urged on by them, Keora demanded information about the odd nature of the town, and her unpleasant introduction to it. She had noticed that something about the town seemed off. That it was lacking the expected wear and grime of an established village, and that everything just seemed too “new”; as if it were just created, but made to look old.

Rodrick then pointed out that a large party of well armed men were approaching, and would arrive shortly. Seeking more information, Keora made a quick survey of the closest building. Inside, she found a startled unnamed mage, who she observed using some kind of wand to create cutlery out of thin air. Before she was able to call Rodrick for assistance, the man used the wand to create a book shelve between her and her exit, effectively locking her in. Though he tried, Rodrick was unable to dislodge the heavy shelve, so Keora was forced to engage the wizard alone.

Magical blows were thrown, and the wizard somewhat hurt, but, having a chair materialize above her head, Keora was knocked to the ground. The wizard approached, intent on finishing her off, but in an act of desperation, Keora bit the wizard’s ankle. The bite was so ferocious that the ankle was snapped clean off, and the wizard died of blood loss within moments.

The wizard’s equipment in hand, Keora forced her way from the house, and she and Rodrick fled the now-approaching party of warriors. She was able to discern from her perch atop a house that the oncoming party was a group of powerful rangers. She recognized them as a peacekeeping force, but looking down at the carnage in the village, and noting her own culpable blood-stained appearance, she wisely chose to flee.

Having nowhere else to go, she chose to descend into a well, which was not a well at all, but rather the entrance to some dark underground passageway.

End Scene.



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