Ascension of the chosen

A shallow grave

Intro scene

You awake to total darkness, lying on your back, and freezing cold. A sense of deep confusion hangs over you like a fog, and you cannot comprehend where you may be.

As you slowly move toward consciousness, you turn your head to gain some sense of your surroundings, but there is nothing. Nothing at all. You can sense though, even in the darkness, that walls are very near.

You reach up to touch your head, which you realize is throbbing in pain, but your arm is stopped short. The wall that stopped you crumbles slightly, and you feel what seems like dirt slide into your sleeve and into your shirt.

A disbelieving panic takes root in your mind, and you lay still for several seconds, terrified of what you will find if you move any further. After several moments, panic wins out over disbelief, and you begin to blindly grope around yourself, defining the shape of your space in your mind. You can just barely move your arms between your chest and the earth above you, and as you do, more dirt crumbles from the walls, raining down into your mouth and eyes, forcing you to cough.

Terror has you now. You’re buried alive, and every movement you make tightens the grip of the earth around your freezing body.



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